Diane Ribucan, Office Manager                                                                                 Diane, better known as Auntie Di here at the office and around Lanai, has been the Lanai dental practice Office Manager for  14 years. She manages the daily operations and financials with efficiency and a sense of humor!

Susan Kahawai, Dental Hygienist                                                                             Susan is a seasoned hygienist with 30 plus years of experience and has been coming over to Lanai for the past three. Always one to give patients pointers on how to better clean their teeth, she not only sends patients away with a bright smile, but also enables them to stay that way.

Vanessa Sudio, Dental Assistant                                                               Vanessa has been serving the dental patients on Lanai since 2001. She is our in-house expert on all things dental-assisting and will make sure that each patient is comfortable and treated with excellent care.

Michelle Clarabal-Ginoza, Dental Assistant                                                       Michelle has lived most of her life on Lanai and has been working for the dentists on Lanai for the past 10 years.  Her friendly demeanor and cheerful personality is sure to bring a smile to each patient’s face.         

Pamela Hollon, Marketing Manager                                                                       Pamela is Dr. Robin Hollon’s wife and, like her husband, just moved to Lanai from Alabama in June of 2014.  Pamela enjoys the unique opportunity of getting to meet so many of Lanai’s residents through her work at the dental office.

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